How to get on the Socorro NM Web

You can get on the Socorro NM Web several ways:

  1. If you have service with Southwest Direct Connect, one link to your webpage is provided for no charge (primary display anchors excluded). Just drop us a line and let us know the URL you'd like linked, and where you'd like it anchored. If you would like a webpage designed for you please contact us.
  2. If you are a local non-profit organization we will host your (reasonably sized) web site or web page or point to your site for no charge. You are responsible for preparing the site or page.
  3. If you are a commercial organization with a web presence, but no ties to Southwest Direct Connect, we charge a modest fee to link your site to the Socorro NM Web.
  4. If you are a commercial organization that has no web presence, Southwest Direct Connect can design and host your advertisement, web page, or web site. Please contact us for further information, or visit our web site.

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