Server Colocation at SDC

Colocation allows a customer to store a machine in SDC Internet's (SDC's) network operations center (NOC) to gain access to SDC's high speed network connection.


  1. The customer's equipment will reside at SDC's offices in Socorro, New Mexico. This Agreement is for one computer system and associated peripherals. The computer will be attached to SDC's network via one port of a 10/100/1000baseT ethernet switch.
  2. Customer must provide insurance for their equipment. SDC's office is protected by a monitored alarm system, however SDC bears no responsibility for losses due to theft, fire, or other damage.
  3. Access to Customer equipment is provided during SDC's regular business hours of 8 AM to 12 PM, 1 PM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. Access during nighttime or holiday hours can be arranged by appointment or by emergency pager. Repeated access during non-regular business hours will incurr a charge.
  4. If desired, SDC will provide monitoring services for Customer's equipment via the PING protocol. If an error condition arises, SDC personnel will be paged to call the Customer.
  5. The Colocation Agreement does not include system administration services. At the Customer's request, an SDC employee can reboot or power cycle the Customer's system. Unix or other system administration services are available at SDC's standard consulting rates.
  6. 1 IP address will be provided per Customer machine.


The one-time installation fee for Colocation service is $150.00. The monthly charge for Colocation service is based on the total amount of data transfered to and from the Customer's equipment. Traffic is measured at the gateway. For billing purposes SDC will use incoming and outgoing number of bytes transferred based on the following:

Monthly Traffic Charges
GB* Transferred Price
0 to 200 GB $75
additional $0.50/GB

* GB is Gigabyte = 1024*1024*1024 bytes

** The system is not connected to an SDC switch and is not assigned a routable IP address.

If you have any further question about server colocation, or would like to receive a colocation customer contract, please email