Equipment Listing & Pricing - "Equipment Only"

Cost of installation and service is not included
Up-Front PaymentShort-Term Payment (4 months)
$99 Setup fee is waived$99 Setup fee is not waived
Ubiquiti Bullet M2HP or Ubiquiti AirGrid M2HP

Standard Installation Kit Includes:

  • 2.4ghz Antenna up to 24dBi or Integrated Antenna depending on location
  • Cat5e ethernet cable up to 25 feet length
  • 18V power supply and Power Over Ethernet adapter
  • Tranzeo workgroup bridge with integral Power Over Ethernet lightning protection.

Notes: The workgroup bridge does not require the computer to be opened, and will work with any network-ready device with an ethernet connector. It comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Equipment compatibility and equipment management requirements:

To ensure best network performance, support, and compatibility, SDC Internet only allows SDC tested and sanctioned equipment to attach to our fixed wireless network. Furthermore, in order to ensure proper configuration of the network, SDC will maintain administrative control of all wireless CPE (customer premises equipment) bridges connected to our network. Management of any equipment downstream (customer side) of the wireless CPE is the responsibility of the subscriber.

In other words, you can only use equipment that SDC sanctions and SDC must maintain administrative control of the equipment.

SDC tested and sanctioned equipment:

  • Any Cisco 342 or 352 product line except the BR342 or BR352.
  • Cisco AP1200 series.
  • Tranzeo TR2-SL-15f or TR2-SL-Nf